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Author's Bio:

Gloria Shepherd is an award-winning screenwriter, ghostwriter, author, and advice columnist. Orly Adelson Productions signed her to create and write a family-oriented TV series.

A New York director hired her to put into screenplay form the basic idea for a movie, which went on to win the Best Picture Award at an International Film Expo. Afterwards, the movie was placed in a partnership agreement with Sean “Puffy” Combs’ Bad Boy Entertainment.

As a ghostwriter, Ms. Shepherd refined and put into final book form several fledgling manuscripts for clients, ranging from the entertainment world, high-profile crime figures, and to the legal/banking professions.

Her three individual Advice Columns garnered 100% praise and “thank you’s” from those seeking direction for both their professional and private lives.

The New York Post’s Page Six profiled Ms. Shepherd’s biography on Rolling Stones founder, Brian Jones, on its front page. Writers Room Magazine compared one of her fact-based novels to an “in-depth soul-searching thriller that rivals any Tom Clancy or Sidney Sheldon book on the market.” They go on to say, “She writes with passion, conviction, and determination. Ms. Shepherd is the ultimate story teller of our decade. She knows what you want and gives it in spades.”

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