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God, Brian Jones & Me is Gloria Shepherd’s autobiography. And it is a painful read. Painful because the author has drawn on a life of pain and abuse to write it. She describes her journey in gut-wrenching detail, from a toddler in the care — if that is the right word — of an alcoholic father and a barbarous, pedophile mother, through her abusive relationships to where she is today. If the reader is not all that interested in other people’s domestic problems, there is much more to hold their interest — the title itself as well as its subtitle, The Sixties & The Rolling Stones Murder, hint at the conspiracy theories the book contains. And there are many of those. The author writes of her time as manager of a rock band, working at the United Nations in New York, her fascination with the USSR, her love of animals large and small, as well as some insight she had into the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And her relationship with God.

God, Brian Jones & Me should be read with an open mind, and even if some aspects prove difficult to accept, the book is a fascinating insight into how some people are forced to exist, especially when they are innocent children. The writing itself is easy to read and to absorb. If there is a downside, I wonder whether there is a little too much written about the author’s domestic situations. But that aside, the story of this author’s life will shock, it will fascinate, it will intrigue. But boring it won’t be! – Darryl Greer, Readers’ Favorite


God, Brian Jones & Me: The Sixties & the Rolling Stones Murder is a work of memoir non fiction written by author Gloria Shepherd. In this harrowing and incredible true to life account, author Gloria Shepherd is candid about her feelings of emptiness, unwantedness and wanting to die her whole life long. As a seriously abused and unwanted child, Gloria holds nothing back as she explains her long history of mistreatment and the journey that led her to wanting to commit suicide, and actually succeeding in being pronounced dead for a short while. On her return, Gloria realized that God has a plan for everyone, and she uses this newfound faith during her cathartic writings to instill a message of hope in her readers.

Gloria Shepherd’s autobiographical work is both sensational to read in terms of its content and inspirational from the angle of hope that it portrays. She has led a fascinating life, from humble and horrible beginnings as an abused child, rising to intriguing jobs around the USA and being party to secret and conspiratorial information. As part of this tale, she unveils the murder of a prominent rock star and her role in knowing about it, and at the same her overall message of God’s plan rings true and helps bring courage to people who realize the difficulties of the world we live in. The horrible side of human nature is a difficult subject to pose, but God, Brian Jones & Me: The Sixties & the Rolling Stones Murder masters it well. – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite



God, Brian Jones & Me: The Sixties & Rolling Stones Murder by Gloria Shepherd is a no-holds-barred autobiography of an amazing woman that relived countless horrors of neglect, and physical and emotional abuse while growing up in a dysfunctional Sicilian family. Growing up in New York and being part of an Italian Catholic community ruled by organized crime, Gloria was the target of ridicule and contempt for never being taught how to bathe, dress, or even groom. Her only comfort was with her grandmother and the stray cats that she befriended. When she finally gets into high school, she finds out that she is smart and begins to pave her own way in life. Then she gets caught up in the British invasion, when she meets musicians Brian Jones and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Ms. Shepherd does an amazing job of relating what her life was like in the Big Apple, her time working in the United Nations, and then as a manager of a rock band that was offered a chance at the big time. Gloria gives an account of her marriages, abusive husbands, overbearing mother, and ungrateful children that were brainwashed by their father and grandmother. Just when she finally wants to end it all, she is somehow not allowed to succeed even after being pronounced dead. Then after a second suicide attempt leads to an inspired calling by a higher power as an aspiring author, she created this work with a sarcastic sense of humor that constantly entertained me; the emotional roller coaster ride of her incredible life that was a truly inspirational experience. God, Brian Jones & Me: The Sixties and Rolling Stones Murder is a must-read for anyone that has any doubts of a higher power and answering a calling. I was entertained on all levels. All I could say at the end was bravo! Encore! – Stephen Fisher, Readers’ Favorite

God, Brian Jones & Me - the Sixties & the Rolling Stones Murder by Gloria Shepherd is a poignant, moving, and inspirational memoir that took me on a thought-provoking journey that I will never forget. This compelling narrative, while heartrending, is as engaging as it is entertaining.
Ms. Shepherd transitions through pivotal moments in her life that mirrors that of Rolling Stones founder and creator, Brian Jones. Quick-witted and learning to survive on the fly, their lives parallel in many painful ways - Brian Jones was stabbed in the back by his bandmates, while Gloria suffered the same fate at her daughters' hands. Brian Jones and Gloria Shepherd share the pain of being betrayed by the ones who should love you above all others, irrevocably violating their trust in the most egregious way. Ms.Shepherd took the first step toward a deep-rooted spiritual connection to Brian Jones when she was hired by a British investigator to ghostwrite his biography.
I laughed tears of joy and sobbed through gasps of pain, as I felt what Gloria Shepherd had endured, which shows what a sensationally talented author she is, whose work should be treasured. Her tale is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Ms. Shepherd has flawlessly brought her journey to life in stunningly vivid detail as the spirit of Brian Jones communicates with her, proving her instincts were right regarding the circumstances surrounding his untimely death as being anything but accidental.
This is an enlightening, honest, and incredible memoir from a resiliently exceptional woman. Gloria's path to God is a tumultuous labyrinth shaded in deep hues of pain that resulted in dazzling embers of hope that will ignite a spark in even the darkest depths of despair.
Memoirs combined with a passionate theme provide insight into a person's fascinating life that would otherwise be lost to the sands of time. There is so much we gain when granted this insight, and our lives are enriched by the truth courageously shared in this autobiography's exceptional pages.
This is not a tale for the faint of heart.  At a young age, Gloria experienced significant hardship and inconceivable abuse. However dire her circumstances, God always brought her back, and this strengthened the bond she shares with Him.
I found myself reading God, Brian Jones & Me at an alarming rate because it was captivating as well as engrossing. Ms. Shepherd's incredible piece of literature will have any reader turning the pages frantically without pause as her story unfolds with perfect unpredictability.
The author's story is one of the most shocking yet inspirational stories I've ever encountered. Her journey was drastic, and although the events throughout this book are of a hard-hitting nature, the primary feeling associated with this book is inspiration, since Gloria's courage and determination to pursue God and overcome her circumstances are truly beautiful. Even though the core themes at the heart of this book are religious, not once does it feel like a sermon. As humans we all share, on some level, the tragedies of life as Gloria has.
Gloria Shepherd has an excellent writing style that is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout. It takes a lot of courage and tenacity for a person to be this honest and tell their tale; I admire Gloria for doing just this and sharing her tale in the hope that she can help others. I incontestably and enthusiastically award Gloria Shepherd five stars for her profoundly extraordinary memoir! -

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